Mistress Cruz has an itch for some new blood. Does Sky fit the bill? Let’s have a look:

Will he take a hot Mistress’ thick strap on cock up his slut ass like a good little bitch boy? Check.

Will he endure being strapped to the ceiling while she cuts off his shitty clothes, teases his cock, slaps him around with a whip, then clips his pink little virgin nipples with the nastiest clamps she can find? Check.

Will he grin and bear it when she beats his ass with the thickest paddle on the wall? Check.

Will he bury his filthy tongue so far up her tight, tanned ass that his face disappears between her thighs and he can hardly get a breath? Check.

Will he keep his pathetic cock nice and hard for his Mistress to slap, suck, fuck, cane, tease and ride till her pussy gets it’s fill of fresh meat for the day? Let’s find out…

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The New Bitch

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